Retirement: A Social Engagement

For more than a decade Keystone Developments has prioritised the development of homes for retirement living. In that time they’ve learnt that when it comes to making decisions about later life people want to invest in more than just bricks and mortar. Security and community values are equally as important as the potential for a home that adapts to changing needs. Keystone Developments are starting the new business year with a revised strategy but remain committed to the delivery of ‘homes for life’.

The company’s latest scheme, The Croft, near Bourne in Lincolnshire places a strong focus on the importance of community and a communal socialising space sits at the heart of the development. Regular events for residents and their families are hosted to help neighbours build friendships and stay active. Customer testimonials repeatedly highlight how the draw of a close-knit community influenced their decision to buy:

I am a bit of a socialiser so it will be really nice to use the manor house and meet new friends, especially as I am returning to the area after many years away. I am also hoping to put some of my gardening skills to use by getting involved in some of the planting around the manor house. The manor house really is a fantastic asset and I am sure I will be a regular visitor there” said Margaret, whose story about how finding a home at The Croft helped her return to her roots was published in the Daily Express earlier this year.

Molly who bought a home after her brother moved in added: “I really enjoy getting out and meeting people. The social aspect of The Croft appealed to me from day one, as it is lovely having the option of mixing with neighbours and the manor has been so well decorated it will be a pleasure to use.

The addition of a guest suite in the manor house is a further bonus, as it means that even though both Pat and I have brought one-bedroom homes we can still have friends and family to stay, which is very handy.”

Work on site for the third phase of the scheme which has been developed in partnership with Larkfleet Homes will begin this summer.