Planning application submitted for Humberston Avenue

A planning application for a new residential development on land south of Humberston Avenue has today (Monday 13th February) been submitted.

Impression of the development

Keystone Developments, part of Longhurst Group, is submitting the application for a dedicated retirement community, affordable housing for local people, and family homes. The proposed development also includes a network of foot and cycle paths, a play park, land for a community building, and public green open space.

Keystone held a six week public consultation during the summer of 2011 where local residents were encouraged to give feedback to shape and improve the plans. Following work to revise the masterplan and carry out detailed assessments, Keystone has today (Monday 13th February) submitted an outline planning application to North East Lincolnshire Council.

The revised masterplan incorporates a number of significant changes based on feedback from local people, including:

  • ‘Flipping’ the site so that some of the retirement community is closer to the road.
  • Reducing any visual intrusion for residents of Glebe Road by increasing the size of the green open space and locating bungalows, not two storey houses, along this side of the site.
  • Adding a second over-flow pond in the north-east corner of the site as part of the sustainable urban drainage system. This ensures that the development would actually lessen the risk of flooding in the area.
  • Moving the entrance to the site further away from the Humberston Academy entrance.
  • Retaining as much of the existing hedgerow on the site as possible and managing green space to enhance biodiversity and ecological value.
  • Introducing a cascade system to give priority to local people for the affordable homes.

Nick Worboys, Assistant Director of Developments for Longhurst Group said, “This is a unique opportunity to provide much needed retirement and affordable housing in a way that benefits the community of Humberston, through the provision of new homes, land for a community building, services and facilities for older people, additional public open space, and a network of foot and cycle paths.

“Our research shows that there is a clear, and growing, need for high quality, purpose built homes for people aged 55+ in North East Lincolnshire, as well as for family and affordable homes. It also shows that there are no other available, suitable and deliverable sites for a retirement community of up to 200 homes in the Borough of Grimsby that could be developed in this way in the immediate timeframe.

“We have a good track record of local development and specialise in providing homes for older people. Our joint vision for the site, along with land owners from the Joseph Ogle Trust, has always been for a development that is a positive addition to the local area and meets local needs.”

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