Local, Innovative, Specialised: How Longhurst Group is rising to the challenge

As we strengthen our growth strategy and begin to assess our options for the coming years it seems fitting to reflect on what has been a fantastic period for construction.

Our organisation is a federal one, meaning we tailor our approach to the local communities we work with as our member companies have the autonomy they need to make decisions at a local level. The current housing shortage is a national issue, but the effects are felt differently in every community so we aim to provide homes that meet local demands.

The £250million bond funding which we secured in 2012 has supported the delivery of 650 homes to date, including the £21million L&H Homes scheme in Peterborough which brought almost 200 new homes to the heart of a city struggling to home all of its inhabitants. This was L&H Homes’ first scheme to offer homes for market rent, and this sort of diversification can be expected to continue as we build homes in areas with broad markets.

Innovation can bring new solutions to the table and in urban Birmingham where land values change a developer’s landscape, Friendship are focussing on breathing new life into empty homes and wasted spaces. Some recycling ingenuity will create four new flats from disused bin stores on an existing scheme.

We recognise that people need more than just a roof over their head and our experienced Development team design and deliver homes that work for individuals. Spire Homes and Keystone Developments are collaborating on a luxury retirement community in Northamptonshire to cater for the aging population looking to maintain their independence at a time when funding for support services is diminishing.

With plans to deliver 2,500 new homes by 2019 we’re keeping our foot to the metal and are on track to complete over 700 homes during 2014/15. We are also keen to explore new opportunities with local and national partners. If you are interested in working with Longhurst Group please contact me at julie.doyle@longhurst-group.org.uk.

Julie Doyle
Deputy Chief Executive