Humberston Avenue Consultation closed 7th August

The six week public consultation for the proposed residential development in Humberston Avenue closed on Sunday 7th August.

The proposed development on land south of Humberston Avenue would see four-hundred new homes built in the area. Half of these homes would be a dedicated retirement community providing high quality homes for older people. The proposed development also has a network of footpaths, an area for community use, and will incorporate an innovative drainage system to effectively manage rainwater run-off. Initial plans include a presumption that up to 30% of the site will remain green open space and that substantial screening from the road will be provided to preserve the scenic view of Humberston Avenue.

The organisation behind the proposal, Keystone Developments, specialises in creating retirement communities and is part of Longhurst Group. The public consultation aimed to inform local people of the proposal and get as much feedback from them as possible.

In total, two hundred and eighty people attended the public events that were held as part of the consultation. Over two-hundred consultation surveys, enquiries and comments have been received by email, post, through surveys filled in at the exhibitions or submitted online, by phone, and via social media like Facebook.

Assistant Director of Development for Longhurst Nick Worboys said, “I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to give us their views. Now the public consultation has closed we are evaluating all the feedback we’ve received.

“Already it’s possible to note some key themes emerging from the feedback, including changing the layout of the site so that some of the retirement homes are closer to the road, and ensuring that green space and bungalows are sited closer to existing homes on Lime Grove and Glebe Road to preserve the sense of open space. We are working hard to incorporate as much of the feedback as possible. Where it isn’t possible to implement a suggestion, we’ll explain why.

“We want to ensure that the proposed development fits with local needs and our aim is to create a development that will be in keeping with the local environment, well designed within the landscape. We hope to announce the revised proposal which incorporates local views in September.”