Humberston Avenue

We are working in partnership with the landowners and developer Westleigh to develop 400 homes, half of which will be dedicated to a retirement community, on land in Humberston, North East Lincolnshire.

The landowners are a family of descendants of Joseph Ogle - a local timber merchant - and the development will be in keeping with the legacy of Joseph and support his vision and values for the local community.

This development is a result of the landowners reviewing the use of their land south of Humberston Avenue and after a series of conversations with the local community, it was brought to light that there was a  need for high quality retirement accommodation in the area. It was at this stage that the landowners approached Keystone to discuss the feasibility of considering this land for a retirement community – an area of expertise for Keystone.

We then carried out detailed research which confirmed the need for retirement homes in North East Lincolnshire, in particular in Humberston, as well a need for family homes and affordable housing. All of the partners involved in this project are committed to creating a high quality development which will benefit Humberston and create a safer community.

The development will bring many benefits to Humberston and its locality, and this has been outlined to residents via an intensive consultation period taking place over a six week period in June and July 2011.

The development is progressing and will be created over a series of phases. It is anticipated that the first phase will see the provision of 10 retirement bungalows, along with six houses at the front of the site along Humberston Avenue – pending a successful ‘Reserved Matters’ application. A Reserved Matters application means we will submit the detail of the scheme for approval over the course of each phase.

The second phase will be submitted for Reserved Matters later in the year. Following both the applications for phases one and two, we will begin planning the detail for the remainder of the site.

Our early plans have kept over 30% of the site as green open space so we can include footpaths, a play area for children and a community area complimenting the beautiful rural surroundings. Read the vision statement for the development.

Read the latest update on the Humberston development


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