Quality design mixed with a commitment to sustainability and expertise in consultation is what sets us apart from most developers. We put customers first and go out of our way to know exactly what our customers want and how we can achieve it in the most effective way.

As a member of Longhurst Group we benefit from decades of experience in housing management so our homes and residents’ long-term needs are managed by our fellow member companies. It is this enduring interest in the welfare of our customers that sets us apart in a competitive market.

With more than a decade of experience, our primary focus is the development of homes for retirement living. We also develop quality family homes for market rent and sale.

Partnerships are the key to our success. Many of our major developments are carried out in joint-ventures with experienced private developers alongside other housing organisations and local authorities. By exceeding expectations and delivering on our promises we are the partner of choice for many organisations.

As a member of Longhurst Group and Blue Skies Consortium we have the backing and expertise to deliver effective development services and partnership opportunities.

If you would like to discuss a possible partnership opportunity we’d love to hear from you.