Keystone, formed in 2001, is part of Longhurst Group to focus on the growing market in retirement living.

Building on the Group’s extensive experience of managing leasehold and shared ownership properties, we have created luxury retirement living schemes that give residents the added convenience of knowing the external and structural maintenance of their home is taken care of.

Our mission is to deliver quality homes designed for life, working closely with our customers to respond to their needs at every stage from design to long term management.

As specialist developers we know the market well, and with every development we take on our highly skilled team always strives to know exactly what our customers need and how we can achieve it in the most effective way.

We also try to ensure our properties have minimal environmental impact by constantly looking for new and innovative solutions and include eco-friendly materials in our work and technologies to help reduce our customers’ long-term energy consumption.

If you would like to discuss a possible partnership opportunity please get in touch.